The Kitten Destroyed my Lego Disney Castle

Our 7-month-old kitten is currently going through what I imagine is the cat equivalent to the terrible teenage years.  In the last week he has broken a picture frame, punctured a shampoo bottle with his teeth, destroyed a glass perfume bottle my husband brought home from his deployment to Saudi Arabia, and, as of yesterday,… Continue reading The Kitten Destroyed my Lego Disney Castle


Mount Vernon’s Revolutionary War Weekend 2018

I have a confession to make...I've always wanted to see a war re-enactment.  It's just one of those things on my history nerd bucket list.  Thanks to being stationed near Washington D.C., our family is crossing off a lot of items on that list.  On May 5, 2018, Lil' Man and I made the trip, (a… Continue reading Mount Vernon’s Revolutionary War Weekend 2018


New Disney Merchandise at Target!

I would like to preface this post by stating that I went to Target for the sole purpose of picking up paper towels.  If only I hadn't ran out...As soon as I entered the store, I noticed the very large display of Mickey and Minnie Mouse apparel, mugs, bags, shoes, makeup, bath supplies, and even… Continue reading New Disney Merchandise at Target!


Happy World Migratory Bird Day!

Did you know that today the world celebrates migratory birds?  I certainly didn't!  I always learn something new during our excursions into Washington D.C., and today I learned a lot about birds at the Smithsonian's National Zoo. Lil' Man and I headed down to the zoo just before it opened this morning to attend a… Continue reading Happy World Migratory Bird Day!


DIY Handprint Tulip Mason Jar Planter

I've been posting a bit less lately, but I promise I've been working on a project to share with you all.  With both Teacher Appreciation and Mother's Day approaching, I have been working with Lil' Man to put together a little DIY project that can be used as gifts on both days. Despite my better… Continue reading DIY Handprint Tulip Mason Jar Planter