Our Favorite Kid-Friendly Disney YouTube Channels (Under 1,000 Subscribers) That we Think You Should Check Out!

Happy Friday all!  We have had almost constant rain here the last few weeks with falling temperatures.  This means the family has been stuck indoors for far more time than I would like.  We’ve now cancelled two trips to the zoo and will try to go for a third time tomorrow.  In the meantime, Lil’ Man has been passing his indoor time with Minecraft, reading, making soap (blog post and video coming next week), and watching Disney vlogs on YouTube.

Small kid-friendly disney youtube channels

We started our own YouTube channel a year ago as a place for me to dump media for this blog, and to appease Lil’ Man’s desire to be a YouTube star.  At first, our little channel was really just intended for friends and family, but then people started to subscribe.  I had always joked with Adrian that with his quick wit he should have his own channel.  At the time, he had also been telling me for well over a year to make tutorial videos to put in my blog posts.  (This blog was also his idea.) After some pretty lengthy discussions, we decided to make a “serious” video to help those looking into Disney Vacation Club.

You see the real us in this video.  First of all, being that we are both major introverts we were extremely nervous while filming.  You also see how we were in our classrooms.  We both used humor when teaching.  It was our way of motivating our students and keeping them engaged through even the most boring subjects.  This is why we are Edutaining.  Some people have liked our style and some people have absolutely hated it.  In the end, we just hope we are helping people with our informational videos while maybe making them smile in the process.

I will say that the whole YouTube thing has been harsh at times.  For the last 7 months, we’ve been working hard to put together a channel that not only provides some entertainment value, but has some educational components as well.  Sometimes people like what we publish and we get a few subscribers, and then there are times where we apparently miss the mark.  We lost 15 subscribers in just a few days after putting out our National Book Festival vlog.  OUCH!

Knowing how hard it is for small channels, I wanted to use this week’s blog post to highlight some fellow vloggers that we have on our “approved for Lil’ Man’s eyes” list.  It is so hard to weed through all the channels on YouTube and we know better than to trust filters.  (We do not use YouTube Kids as even YouTube has a disclaimer stating that the filter is imperfect.) We personally evaluate each channel Lil’ Man watches.  We have also taught him the criteria so that he knows what is acceptable and what is not.

With Lil’ Man’s help, I have compiled a list of our favorite Disney themed YouTube channels with less than 1,000 subscribers that are kid-friendly.  We are choosing to highlight small channels here for several reasons:

  1. You probably have not heard of them yet.
  2. They cannot monetize until they reach 1,000 subs.  They are producing their videos out of their own pockets because they wish to share quality content with you and your family.
  3. It’s hard starting a YouTube channel!  A lot of smaller channels have their content  buried in YouTube’s SEO, so you are less likely to come across them in a YouTube search.

Please go check out these family-friendly channels.  These are all channels that we enjoy.  We’ve also selected them because they have vlogs that include their children.  Lil’ Man loves watching channels that he can relate to and this means seeing other kids and not just adults in the vlogs.  If you like their content, please hit that subscribe button to support their channels!

Storybook Erin

First of all, this librarian just loves the name Storybook Erin!  If you like our blog and channel then you will enjoy Storybook Erin.  Like me, she worked in education and is now at home with her three adorable princesses.  She vlogs from Disney and other locations in Florida.  Want to take a trip to the Miami Zoo or go to the beach?  Then check out her channel here.

The Pintastic Girls

The name says it all.  Bethany and her girls select pins off of Pinterest (some Disney themed) and see if they can recreate them.  Having had many Pinterest mishaps and straight up fails myself, I can totally appreciate all the work that goes into each of their episodes.  Lil’ Man loves watching them, and he especially enjoys their Snack Crate and Magic at Your Door subscription box videos.  You’ll find The Pintastic Girls here.


Molly and her family are locals and annual passholders to Disney World.  Lil’ Man just loves that her boys are around his age!  They do a variety of different vlogs from short character meet and greets to longer vlogs highlighting special events like the Food and Wine Festival.  She also does ride POVs for those of you who just want to relive the magic of your favorite rides.  Check out her channel here.

Our Happy Place

Our Happy Place is a fairly new YouTube channel, but they already have a plethora of Disney World vlogs for you to enjoy.  They have everything from room tours to POVs.  Be sure to check them out here.

Just Out ‘n About

Older kids will appreciate this channel as Dawn and Cathy are thrill seekers!  They not only vlog from Disney, but from other theme parks and unique locations in the Southeastern United States.  If you and your family love Universal Studios and parks like Carrowinds and Busch Gardens, then you will want to check out Dawn and Cathy’s channel here.

Sawyer in the Middle

Lil’ Man fell in love with Figment and Journey into Imagination thanks to this channel.  They have a trip to Disney World coming up, so I imagine there will be lots of new vlogs before the New Year.  In the meantime, you can enjoy vlogs from their past Disney World trips as well vlogs from other locations.  You’ll find Sawyer in the Middle here.

Do you have a kid-friendly YouTube channel that you love?  Please share in the comments below!

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