Disney World Vacation Journal

I’ve been thinking about putting together a Disney World Vacation Journal for some time now.  After all,  I’ve made quite a few resources for adults.  Why not put my hard earned degrees to work and make something for kids?  So when my son mentioned the other day that he would like something similar to the Animal Kingdom’s Wilderness Explorers Handbook , but one that covered all the Disney World parks, I realized it was finally time to turn the idea into a reality.Free Disney World Vacation Journal

Last night we sat down and discussed what he would like to record in a journal about his trip.  That of course was the easy part.  He did help me last night with designing some clipart to represent each park (more like he observed my frustration with Photoshop), but this morning he quickly lost interest in actually putting the journal together.  That’s okay, I think formatting is a bore too.

Writing in Disney Journal
Lil’ Man couldn’t wait for a future trip. He started recording his thoughts about our spring break trip!

Anyway, well over ten hours later we have our My Disney World Vacation Journal.  I was unable to include all of Lil’ Man’s wants as I designed the journal in Canva and the program has a page limit, but most of what he asked for has been included.

I will eventually create an instructional video on how to put it together, but for now I am going to enjoy the holiday week with the family.



I recommend printing the cover on 8.5 x 11 inch card stock, and setting your printer to the highest quality setting.  I folded the cover in half and stapled the booklet together.  The book is quite thick if you choose to use all of the pages, so you may wish to cut the covers apart and have it spiral bound.  I did have some trouble stapling it together, so be sure to put some muscle into pressing down on that stapler if you choose to go this route.Disney World Vacation Journal Cover

The Contents

The journal is not paginated, so you may omit pages and put it together in any order you desire.  I designed the journal with the assumption that no one would want to mess with double-sided printing.  Therefore, you’ll want to cut each page down the middle.Disney Travel Journal

If you choose to fold the cover in half and staple, you’ll want to trim the pages lengthwise to make sure they fit in the cover.  Disney World Travel Journal

I designed the journal to be small like the Wilderness Explorers Handbook, so that you may easily carry it around the parks.  I try to keep the family screen-free as much as possible when in the parks, and we will be using this journal next time to keep Lil’ Man busy while waiting in line.  I recommend keeping the journal in a ziplock bag when not in use as you never know when you will be caught in a Florida thunderstorm.

Note:  You are more than welcome to share the journal and any of my other free resources on your blog or YouTube channel.  Please be sure to give credit where credit is due and include the following links in your blog post and/or video description:

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