Is Disney’s Character Warehouse Worth the Trip?

Happy Thursday everyone!  During our recent trip to Universal Studios Florida we made a stop at Disney’s Character Warehouse.  While the Character Warehouse carried several items that our Disney Outlet here in Virginia currently has in stock, it also had some more unique items.  I thought I would share with you today what we liked, (and didn’t like), about Disney’s Character Warehouse as well as whether or not it is worth the time spent away from the parks.

The Pros

  • The Character Warehouse has a wide selection of park goods, including items from Disney’s Shanghai park.  Our favorite Shanghai Disney merchandise is our plush Tron Goofy and Donald.  My husband is a huge fan of Tron.  Normally he goes about discouraging Lil’ Man from acquiring more stuffed animals, but he was more than happy to pick these two up.Disney Character Warehouse
  • You can save a lot of money on park merchandise.  You can even find items currently being carried in the parks for a fraction of the price at the Character Warehouse.  I found a Vera Bradley handbag that was originally priced at $100 (U.S.) for only $24.99.  We also found an assortment of Alex and Ani bracelets priced around $18.99 and up (see video).
  • It is a great place to pick up Disney pins for trading. Who wants to part with a pin that cost $9.99 when you can find them at the Character Warehouse for as cheap as $2.99?
  • Character Warehouse has holiday and special event merchandise.  We found items from Christmas, the 2017 Food and Wine Festival, and even the 2018 Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival.

    Food and WIne Festival Figment
    Lil’ Man is currently obsessed with Figment!

The Cons

  • The location we went to (Vineland Ave.) is about 10 miles away from Magic Kingdom.  If you hit traffic while traveling to and from the outlets, this excursion could really eat into your theme park time.
  • We tried to go to the International Dr. location first (by Universal Studios), and we could not find any parking.  People were parking on the grass or at adjacent shopping centers.
  • The store was really crowded, and I often had to stop what I was doing to keep adults from stepping on Lil’ Man.  If you have a stroller, I would avoid taking it in the store if possible.
  • The item you saw in that update video may be gone by the time you arrive.  I would not travel to Character Warehouse for one item given that the stock may not be replenished.

Is it Worth the Trip?

If you will already have a car during your trip, and don’t mind spending a few hours away from the parks then my answer is yes.  If you have to spend money on a car service then you may negate any savings you would get by shopping here.  I recommend heading over to YouTube and watching Character Warehouse updates from the locals to see if it is worth your while.  We get our updates from Theme Park Brews.

UPDATE:  Theme Park Brews has undergone some changes and no longer does Character Warehouse updates.  There are several other locals who post updates regularly on their YouTube channels.

Have you shopped at Disney’s Character Warehouse?  Did you make any great finds?  Would you recommend it to others?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

Don’t forget to check out our Universal Studios Haul and Character Warehouse Subscriber Giveaway video over on our family’s YouTube channel.  You can subscribe here.


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