Healthy Fruit Snack Recipe

My boys love fruit snacks!  I, however, do not love some of the ingredients found in the store bought gummies.  My husband was absolutely distraught when I informed him that we would be making fruit snacks at home and no longer purchasing his favorite brands. Healthy Homemade Fruit Snacks

Despite my husband’s protests, I set about searching for the perfect recipe.  I went to several of the healthy mommy blogs, printed off their recipes, and set about trying to recreate them in the kitchen with Lil’ Man’s assistance.  To be honest, Lil’ Man thought each recipe was just fine, but there was no pleasing my husband.  After a few failed attempts, I realized I was going to have to come up with my own recipe if I was going to get him onboard the healthy fruit snack bandwagon.  mickey gummy

It took several attempts, but here is the recipe approved by both Lil’ Man and my husband.

Things you will need:

1/2 cup unflavored gelatin
1/3 cup honey
2 tablespoons ground flaxseed (optional)
1 3/4 cups fruit juice
1 1/2 cups frozen fruit

I personally like to use frozen organic berries for their antioxidants.  I also use 100% pure orange juice (not from concentrate) with the added calcium and vitamin D.

You will also need a food processor, small cooking pot, whisk, measuring spoons, and measuring cups. You can use any food grade silicon tray as gummy molds. Here are the links to the ones we featured in our video.

Mickey Mouse Gummy Maker
Mickey Mouse Ice Cube Tray – Summer Fun

Allow the frozen fruit to thaw slightly for about 15 minutes, and then blend them to a puree in your food processor.  Add frozen fruit, honey, juice, and flaxseed to a cooking pot and warm until you see it start to boil.  Turn the heat to low and SLOWLY add in the unflavored gelatin.

I cannot stress SLOWLY ADD GELATIN enough here.  If you add the gelatin to fast, you will end up with clumps of unflavored gelatin in your fruit snacks which doesn’t sound appetizing to me.

If you choose to use the Mickey Mouse ice cube tray for a gummy mold, I recommend only filling it up half way with the gelatin mixture.  I had some difficulty removing thick gummies from the tray.  Only a few of them retained Mickey’s facial features upon removal.

I store these in the refrigerator for up to two weeks, and I have found that they freeze well.  When we travel to the parks, I keep them in our resort room mini refrigerator until we are ready to hit the parks!  If you have children, be sure to have them help you make these delicious fruit snacks.  They are a lot of fun to make, and cooking is an excellent (informal) way to introduce young children to fractions.  Happy cooking!

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