Disney Vacation Club: Our First Visit as Members!

It’s been almost two months since we had our first stay as Disney Vacation Club members at our home resort (Disney’s Polynesian Villas and Bungalows).  Now that we have had time to return to reality and reflect upon our stay, we recorded our thoughts in a new video in hopes of helping others who are considering DVC.  We did our best to have a serious conversation, but that just isn’t us.  If you don’t mind your information being delivered with a dose of sarcasm then our videos are for you.

Overall, we are happy with our first DVC stay, but it wasn’t without its hiccups.  As I mentioned in a previous post, we had issues getting our DVC membership discount applied at some venues.  My husband recently stopped in Disney Springs, (a side trip during his travels for work), where he picked up a few souvenirs for Lil’ Man and me.  He again had issues with a cast member not applying the discount after he showed his membership card.  Normally we are not the type of people to be bothered by this mistake.  However, when you have purchased DVC direct, you have more than paid for that discount.disney vacation club first experience

There was also some wear and tear present in our deluxe studio.  Nothing too terrible, but as a clean freak I wasn’t too thrilled about the presence of mildew in the shower and soap scum on the counters.  If you are planning on touring the DVC model rooms, just keep in mind that those models are pristine and don’t represent the reality.  We were told the rooms get a face lift every seven years, so the studios at the Poly have about 4 more years before they will have any major repair work.

If you have stayed at other DVC resorts then you will most likely find that the kitchenette in the Poly studios is on the small side.  It was fine for us as we had mostly refrigerated goods.  If you are looking to buy in bulk and stock the pantry then this is not the room for you.

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Complaints aside, we were happy with our stay and still think we made the right choice buying direct.  If there ever comes a time in our lives where we have the opportunity to add on to our contract, we would most likely look into the resale market since we already have the required points (75) to qualify for the member benefits.

The resort itself was a peaceful getaway from the very crowded parks (we were there during spring break).  The only place at the Poly that ever felt crowded was the Lava Pool.  Admittedly, we did not use it as much as we had planned to because of the crowds.  If you are looking to be transported to a tropical island, have easy access to Magic Kingdom, and wish to watch the fireworks from your resort room then you may wish to consider the Polynesian for your next Disney World vacation.

Thinking of buying into DVC?  Check out our original Disney Vacation Club video!  We spent three months watching videos and reading blog posts before joining.  Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions!


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