New Disney Merchandise at Target!

I would like to preface this post by stating that I went to Target for the sole purpose of picking up paper towels.  If only I hadn’t ran out…As soon as I entered the store, I noticed the very large display of Mickey and Minnie Mouse apparel, mugs, bags, shoes, makeup, bath supplies, and even pet supplies.  As I was perusing the selection, the Target employee informed me there was another display in the kids’ section.  These items came out on Mother’s Day, and the adult apparel at my Target was already sold out of some minnie mouse

I want to say I was very well behaved and put the bulk of the items in my shopping basket back on the shelf.  Many of the items did not have a price, but I did take the time to scan some of them so I could share the prices with all of you who might be interested.  I’ll be releasing our Thursday video on Wednesday to share with you the items I purchased.  Lil’ Man and the cats even model some of the apparel for you all!  (Lil’ Man was more than willing to do this for you.  The cats however have informed me to sleep with one eye open tonight.)


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Apparel and Accessories (all prices are in U.S. dollars)

I didn’t have time to scan every item for prices, but here is a general idea.  If you are looking for gear to wear on your summer Disney trip, you may want to take a look at your local Target.

  • Adult shirts starting at $15.00
  • Kids’ shirts starting at $10.00
  • Adult baseball cap $15.00
  • Kids’ baseball cap $10.00
  • Wallets $10.00
  • Large “vintage style” canvas tote bag (picture above) $20.00 (I was good and put this back!)
  • Mugs $5.99
  • Water bottles $7.99 (small) and $9.99 (large)
  • Pet bowls starting at $9.99
  • Bath bombs $3.00
  • Loofahs $3.00
  • Cosmetic bags starting at $5.00
  • Pet Mickey Mouse “onesie” $9.99
  • Pet Mickey ears or Minnie bow $6.99

The apparel is meant to look vintage, and the shirt I purchased Lil’ Man is 100% cotton.  He had eyed a Mickey Mouse shirt at Hanna Andersson that I said no to.  I thought it was rather thin for a $36.00 price tag.  I am much happier with the quality of the $10.00 Junk Food tee I picked up today.

UPDATE 5/16/18:  As promised, our Youtube video with the cats and Lil’ Man modeling some of the merchandise for everyone.  I have since been to a second Target and the items seem to vary store-to-store.  The second Target had no pet line, but had more seasonal items.

Happy Shopping!  Be sure to stay tuned for our video release on Wednesday!

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