Happy World Migratory Bird Day!

Did you know that today the world celebrates migratory birds?  I certainly didn’t!  I always learn something new during our excursions into Washington D.C., and today I learned a lot about birds at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo.

Lil’ Man and I headed down to the zoo just before it opened this morning to attend a FONZ member exclusive event.  We attended the Meet a Mammal at the Small Mammal House event where we got to see some of the inhabitants up close and speak with zookeepers.  We had a lot of fun, learned some new things about some of the critters there, and we will be sharing it with you all on our travel vlog (release date 5/29/2018) on our YouTube channel.  We are now filming our vlogs in 4K (yippee!), so my poor little MacBook will require sometime to edit that video.  (I swear my Mac was screaming at me when I finished our upcoming Mount Vernon Revolutionary War Weekend vlog yesterday.)Migratory Bird Day

Initially Lil’ Man was too tired to get out of his stroller to approach the many booths that were set up for the zoo’s celebration of World Migratory Bird Day.  He had walked the uphill portion of the zoo in order to spare his poor mama from pushing him in the 90 degree (Fahrenheit) heat.  However, after stopping at the first booth and chatting with the young woman there for a good 15 minutes, he was determined to hit up every stall.  By the time he reached the last booth, I was starving and begging him to leave!  Scarlet Tanager

While he had a lot of fun participating in each conservation group’s activities, he received quite the education about birds (without realizing it).  He learned about the importance of making our windows visible to prevent our bird neighbors from flying into them.  He made a bird puppet, tried his hand at making his own nest, participated in a scavenger hunt in search of different bird species, and even got a scarlet tanager painted on his arm.  Coming across this event was an unexpected surprise that just made Lil’ Man’s day.

I’ll be doing my part to celebrate the birds by ending this post and filling up the bird feeders that now sit empty thanks to the squirrels and the occasional raccoon.


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