Disney World Vlog and Other Projects in the Works

I know I haven’t been writing much since we returned from our Disney vacation, but I promise I have been busy.  First of all, we started putting together a Disney Vlog on Edutaining’s Youtube channel.  Why?  Because my five-year-old son said, “Mom, you have to vlog.”  My husband and I  are doing our best to branch out of our comfort zone for these videos.  We find it much easier to speak in front of a room full of students than to a camera.  Lil’ Man is far more charismatic on camera than we are, so I have been letting him take charge of the vlogging.

If you are looking for a family-friendly Disney vlog for your kids (e.g., no cursing) then stop on by our YouTube channel, (or check out the videos below).  I’m currently releasing our travel videos on Tuesdays.

Note:  I do my best to protect the privacy of all minors in my videos. This means blurring faces of young children as well as cutting out footage of the random child darting across the screen (turns out this happens a lot at Disney).

You can also look forward to more Disney dining reviews in the future.  We hit up some of our favorites like Tusker House (featured in the day 2 vlog) and Be Our Guest.  We are also in the midst of working on a Is the Disney Dining Plan Worth it? video to compliment my original blog post Is the Disney Dining Plan Worth it? And a Free Table to Track Your Dining Credits.

Lastly, Lil’ Man and I are working on putting together a Teacher Appreciation/ Mother’s Day gift DIY that we will share with all of you once we have finished it this weekend!

As always, thanks for stopping by!  Lil’ Man loves to hear from you all.  Feel free to share your (or your kids’ thoughts) below or on our YouTube Channel.

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