We’ve Adopted a Kitten!

Last Friday we officially adopted the newest member of our family.  A six-month-old brown and white tabby who has an abundance of energy and an insatiable curiousity.  He was found in a feral cat colony in rough shape.  He had worms, a nasty sinus infection, and a ruptured ear drum that the vet suspects may have been due to a kick in the head.  This trauma has left him with a permanent head tilt to the left which just makes him even more endearing.  I would like to formally introduce you all to Mr. Eugene Eddie Fitzherbert.20180406_070026

Yes, his name really is Mr. Eugene Eddie Fitzherbert.  Apparently when there is a five-year-old involved in the naming process it is difficult to come to a consensus as the five-year-old changes his mind daily as to what the cat’s name should be.  At one point, his name was going to be Baloo.  Names like Jack, Flynn, and Oliver were also in the running.  We finally just agreed to give the little guy a very formal name.  My son and I agreed on Eugene Fitzherbert since Tangled is our favorite movie (I had originally proposed Flynn Rider).  My husband likes the name Eugene Fitzherbert, but wanted to keep the name Eddie (which was what he was named by the rescue group we adopted him from).  So our little family came to a compromise and gave him a first, middle, and last name.

I have to admit that I cried the day I brought him home.  It’s been just a little over a month since we lost Rocky to cancer, and a part of me felt like bringing home a new cat so soon was a betrayal to him.  I wanted to take the tragedy of Rocky’s death and turn it into something positive.  My son needed a new furry companion and Eugene Eddie Fitzherbert was in need of a loving home.

Despite his old age (and not feeling well in the end), Rocky was always by Lil’ Man’s side.  While our two girls seek attention from my husband and me, they aren’t the constant companion that Rocky was to Lil’ Man.  While Angel did put Lil’ Man to bed for us one night, just like Rocky used too, she hasn’t been feeling well herself.  She has lost interest in her wet food since Rocky’s passing, dropped from almost 13 pounds to around 12 pounds, and has even been seen by Rocky’s internal medicine vet to confirm that her partially collapsed lung is due to asthma.

It’s been a bit rough in this house, but Eugene Eddie Fitzherbert is helping us all heal.  Yesterday was the first day I didn’t tear up thinking about my Rocky.  Even Angel, who can be very territorial, is now tolerating her new little brother.  She will even allow him to sit on the couch with her as long as he gives her some personal space.  I even think she was enjoying watching the crazy little guy play the other night.

It has also been uncanny as to how much Eugene Eddie Fitzherbert is like Rocky.  He shares so many of the same personality traits that made Rocky so endearing to us.  He gives “kitty kisses,” follows all of us about the house, makes the same trilling sound Rocky used to make, and favors all of Rocky’s favorite bird watching and napping spots.

That said, he is also reminding me of what a terror my cats were when they were kittens.  Lil’ Man is learning that he has to be on his guard around a kitten.  We are all wearing the battle scars of having a kitten in the house.  I currently have a good scratch on my leg that is a little over two inches long.  He is even attacking the computer screen as I type this.  He really hates the cursor!

I also woke up this morning to find the little stinker on my kitchen counters.  I’m going to be spending a small fortune on disinfectant products until we get this guy trained to stay off of them.  Senior kitties are so much easier than young ones!  My girls haven’t dared to get on the counters in years.

I spent the last weekend searching for a cat tree that wasn’t completely hideous to put on the main floor. We have a cat tree upstairs, but Mia took it over when we first brought it home and has not been willing to share it with anyone. Lil’ Man helped me make the final decision and selected the 75″ Redwood Cat Tree.  I’m hoping this climbing space will serve as a suitable alternative to my food preparation surfaces!  We are even making plans to add a little Disney magic to tree to make it a little more attractive.

If you like cats, you can look forward to seeing more of our crazy kids on Edutaining’s YouTube channel.  Just a few weeks before Rocky’s diagnosis, Lil’ Man had requested that he have a recurring role on Lil’ Man’s Lab.  With his passing, Lil’ Man would like to document life with the cats and share their antics with all of you.

You can see all of our cat’s in our new YouTube channel trailer!  Check it out below to see what we are all about.  Thanks for stopping by!


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