Lil’ Man’s Lab: Easy No-Sew Minecraft Inspired Cat Toys

This week we are showing you how to make easy no-sew Minecraft inspired cat toys for your favorite feline(s)!  Lil’ Man shows you how to make a creeper and a chicken toy with the option of making it a pole toy.Easy No-Sew Minecraft Cat Toys

Lil’ Man wanted to do something special for the furry members of our little family after learning our beloved Rocky has developed gastrointestinal lymphoma like his sister Angel.  We are hoping that Rocky will do as well as Angel has on chlorambucil.  She was diagnosed back in July of 2014 and is still here (and just as feisty as ever).  While Rocky was a bit tired from his first dose when we made this video, I’m happy to report that less than 24 hours later he is feeling more like his old self.  We’ve already had our morning outing as well as enjoyed breakfast, brunch, lunch and, as I write this, second lunch!

The tutorials are sped up to keep the length of the video around 3 minutes.  I have included timestamps for your convenience.

Introduction 0:02

Materials 0:22

Creeper Cat Pole Toy Tutorial 0:47

Chicken Cat Toy Tutorial 1:55

Closing 3:14


  • Craft Felt
    • Creeper:  Green and Black
    • Chicken:  White, Yellow, Black and Red
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Polyester Stuffing
  • Catnip
  • Wooden Pole (I used 7/16″ x 36″)
  • Twine
  • Feathers
  • Bells (0.79 inch)
  • Minecraft Creeper and Chicken Cat Toy Template

I knotted the bell onto the twine to make sure the cats could not remove it and possibly choke on it.  I have purchased cat toys in the past with small pieces that have come unglued, and I count myself as being fortunate that the cats were never harmed.  I have to keep the cat toys safely tucked away when I’m not around to supervise.  In the past my Mia has attempted to eat the feathers from several toys, and I have had to pull several inches of string from a pole toy out of her throat.

We hope you enjoy making these Minecraft inspired cat toys as much as we did.  Thanks for stopping by!

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