Lil’ Man’s Top 10 Disney World Rides for Your Lil’ Ones

We are counting down the days until our next trip to Disney World!  We are all excited, especially since we will be accompanied by family on this trip.  During our countdown, we like to fill our days with Disney-themed activities.  So without adieu, here is a list of Lil’ Man’s top Disney World rides that “are not too scary.”Top 10 Disney World Rides for Little Ones

10.  The Seas With Nemo & Friends

Location:  Epcot-Future World

Lil’ Man:  “I like that you get to ride in a giant clam shell and that you see real fish in the aquarium during the ride.”

Parents:  We welcome the respite from walking, even if it involves sitting in a clamobile.  Did I mention that the ride is air conditioned?  Be sure to explore the aquarium after the ride.

9.  Toy Story Mania

Location:  Hollywood Studios-Pixar Place

Lil’ Man:  “I like that the ride is in 3D and that you get to shoot stuff.  I like to help one of my parents shoot the targets during the ride.”

Parents:  Get a FastPass+ for this one or head there at rope drop.  Even at rope drop, we’ve had to wait about 45 minutes in line.

8.  The Jungle Cruise

Location:  Magic Kingdom-Adventureland

Lil’ Man:  “I like that it is a boat ride (I love boat rides) and I think the jokes that the skipper tells are pretty funny.”

Parents:  This one is a childhood favorite.  If you love puns and bad jokes, or have never had the opportunity to see the backside of water, then this cruise is for you.

7.  The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh

Location:  Magic Kingdom-Fantasyland

Lil’ Man:  “I like that there are fun things to do while you are waiting in line for the ride.  I also like the music and that part of the ride glows in the dark.”

Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Line
Even infants will enjoy the interactive displays while waiting to ride The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

Parents:  The wait for this one can get pretty long, but we have found the best time to get in line is during the Happily Ever After fireworks show.

6.  Monorail

Lil’ Man:  “The line usually isn’t long to get on it.  I like that the Monorail can take you to Epcot and I like to look out the window during the ride.”

Parents:  Maybe this one isn’t a ride in the conventional sense, but what kid doesn’t love trains?  The added bonus of riding the monorail is that it gives parents a break while you are traveling between the parks and/or hotels.

5.  Kilimanjaro Safaris

Location:  Animal Kingdom-Africa

Lil’ Man:  “I like seeing all of the animals, especially the Okapi which has a neat name.  I like to ride it at night because the giraffes were standing in the middle of the road.  It was funny because we could not pass until they crossed the road.”Kilimanjaro animals

Parents:  This is one of our favorites!  Kilimanjaro Safaris is always first on our Animal Kingdom to-do list since the animals are more active in the morning.  We recommend heading over there right after rope drop.  Can’t get on the ride in the morning?  Then wait until evening when the animals are active again.

4.  The Pirates of the Caribbean

Location:  Magic Kingdom-Adventureland

Lil’ Man:  “I like the big drop at the beginning and seeing all of the pirates and the cannons.  I also think the music is really cool.”

Parents:  This is another childhood favorite of ours, but why do we really love it?  It’s air conditioned!  The Florida heat and humidity can be brutal, especially if you are visiting during the summer.  If the Lil’ Ones are starting to wilt out in the heat then head over the Pirates for a nice rest and a cooler atmosphere.

3.  Na’vi River Journey

Location:  Animal Kingdom-World of Avatar

Lil’ Man:  “I like how everything in the ride glows.  Even though it is dark, it isn’t scary.  I also like that it is a boat ride.  If you have a banshee, you should bring it on the ride with you.”

Parents:  To be honest, we thought this ride was a little short.  We recommend using a FastPass+ or riding it at rope drop.

2.  The Haunted Mansion

Location:  Magic Kingdom-Liberty Square

Lil’ Man:  “I like getting to sit down in the doom buggy with my parents.  I like the part on the elevator where the portraits are growing.  I think it is funny when the adults scream when you see the skeleton at the top.”

Parents:  This might scare some little ones given the theme, but Lil’ Man loves it.  Once again, we don’t mind having access to air conditioning for a bit and resting our tired legs in a doom buggy.  

 1.  Frozen Ever After

Location:  Epcot-World Showcase

Lil’ Man:  “I like the little drops.  They are not big drops which are scary.  It’s not too long.  The ride is just the right length for kids.  I like the music and seeing my favorite characters, Anna and Olaf.”

Parents:  This ride has a reputation for being temperamental.  We had two FastPasses on our last trip, but only got to use one as the ride broke down during our second FastPass time slot and never got back up and running.  Luckily, I recorded it with the GoPro the first time knowing that Lil’ Man was going to want to watch it when we returned home.   If you can’t stand to hear Let it Go one more time then I recommend avoiding this one.

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