A Clawesome Cafe in Washington D.C.: A Review of Crumbs & Whiskers Cat Cafe

Location: 3211 O St NW, Washington, DC 20007 (Georgetown)

Public Transportation:  Not accessible by metro

Parking:  Street and Garage

Fare:  Coffee and Macarons

Cost:  $18 per person on weekdays, $22 per person on weekends, 15 minute walk-ins are $6.50 per person

Allergy-Friendly:  All macarons are gluten free and made with almond flour by Olivia Macaron

Kid-Friendly:  Children ages 7 and up

Reservations:  Recommended, walk-ins are based on availability

Warning:  This review is littered with cat puns.A Review of

Are you looking for the purrfect Washington D.C. experience away from all the museums and monuments crowded with tourists?  Crazy cat ladies and guys can rejoice because I found a pawsitively wonderful cafe in Georgetown for you.

Crumbs & Whiskers is located in a small grey building, nestled among the trendy cafes and boutiques of Georgetown.  The streets are lined with cobblestone and it’s the perfect location for a stroll.  The daunting search for street parking brought back memories of living in Pittsburgh for us (and reminded us why we moved back to the suburbs).  Our 25 minute search for street parking proved fruitless and frustrating.  Inevitably, we were forced to park in a nearby garage for six dollars an hour.  If you are driving out to Georgetown, I recommend giving yourself more than double the estimated travel time to compensate for D.C. traffic and finding a parking space.

My husband and I arrived just in time to join our group of fellow feline fanatics listening to an orientation at the cafe entrance.  In the orientation you’ll be reminded of the house rules, which hopefully you read prior to arrival, and you will be asked to sign a waiver if you did not do so online.  As much as I would have loved to have had Lil’ Man join us on this excursion, the cafe does not allow minors under the age of seven.  We will just have to come back on Lil’ Man’s seventh birthday!

Once the orientation has concluded, you will then be invited in for 70 minutes of pure feline bliss.  Upon entering, we were greeted by at least ten curious cats and kittens as well as the scent of essential oils.  Some cats will approach you for attention while others will continue to lounge and make you come to them.  The boys are designated by grey bow ties while the girls are wearing pink.  Beware of the kitties in checkered black and white collars as they have been deemed the sassy ones.  Sassy simply means that these cats have some cattitude, and that you will need to be careful when trying to pet them.  I fell in love with one sassy kitty named Otis.  I simply let him smell my fingers and decide if he wanted to be touched.  We got along well, and I am happy to say I came away from the experience with no scratches or bites.

If you want any refreshments, such as a cat-uccino and macarons, you will need to place your order at the beginning of your visit.  All food and beverages are prepared offsite at partnering businesses.  My husband and I chose to have black coffee for $3.85 a piece.  My husband grumbled about the price, but in the end he settled down with his coffee and the cats to read the mews.  There is also plenty of meowchandise like totes and t-shirts for sale.  If you are interested in making any purchases during your visit, know that the cafe is completely cashless.    

There are two floors in which to relax on shaggy, low ground seating areas filled with plush pillows.  There is some Ikea shelving to sit on for those of you not inclined to be sitting so close to the floor.  There are also a couple of rattan style chairs, but kitties like Otis had claimed them and were not looking to share with the humans.  There are no tables and chairs like you would find at a traditional cafe or local Starbucks, so you will be holding your refreshments most of the time.

Crumbs and Whiskers Instagram

Did I mention this place is an Instagram fanatics dream come true?  The neutral color palette, exposed brick, neon light meow sign and the super cute cats will have you snapping photos left and right during your visit.

Overall, our visit was a pleasant and unique experience.  Our 70 minutes seemed to go by in a flash.  The employees are friendly and love talking to guests about what makes each cat special.  If I didn’t already have three cats at home, I would have been begging my husband to fill out an adoption application.  One lucky kitty won the hearts of a mother and daughter, and they put in an application for him before they departed.  Two other kitties, a brother and sister who were rescued from a trash can in Thailand, will be leaving the cafe for their furever home in a couple of weeks.  I just love happy endings!

Before leaving the cafe you will receive a souvenir polaroid taken with a kitty or kitties of your choice as well as Crumbs & Whiskers stickers.  If you live on the west coast and don’t see yourself coming to D.C., don’t despair!  Crumbs & Whiskers has a Los Angeles location too.  Whether you are looking to adopt or just wanting to spend some quality time with furry friends, know that you are helping save lives and supporting a cage free life for these fantastic felines.

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