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Countdown to Disney Paper Chain (Template and .SVG File Included)

Things are getting really exciting in our house!  We are nearing the one month mark for our big Disney World vacation and that means it is time to make our Countdown to Disney paper chain.  We have already been using our Disney chalkboard to countdown from a hundred days, but I love the paper chain because it helps Lil’ Man see that taking one chain away each day leads to a decrease in the total number of days.  The chain is just my sneaky way of teaching him subtraction. 🙂 Countdown to Disney Paper Chain

While the project itself is pretty simple, I must admit that making the chain is a little time consuming.  I have put together several resources to help make your life a little easier.

.SVG File

For those of you with access to a die cutting machine, I am providing you with a .SVG file.  You can download the .SVG file below or, for Cricut users, you can go directly to Cricut Design Space.

mickey disney countdownDownload the Countdown to Disney Paper Chain .SVG

Cricut Design Space

Countdown to Disney Paper Chain Project in Cricut Design Space

Don’t have access to a die cutting machine?

Not a problem!  You can download the template below.  You will want to print and cut the template out on white card stock to create a stencil.  For best results, I recommend deselecting scale to fit in your printer menu.  You will then use the template below to trace and cut out each chain on the coordinating color paper.  I recommend using a whole punch to make Mickey’s buttons.  Disney Countdown PDF

Download the Countdown to Disney PDF Template

For Minnie Mouse, I recommend picking up some red, blue or pink polka-dot card stock from your local craft store.  You will use the polka-dot card stock in place of the solid red card stock used for Mickey.

Once you have all of your paper strips (with buttons or bows glued on accordingly), you will want to follow this pattern when stapling your rings together:

  1. White (Gloves)
  2. Black (Mouse Heads)
  3. Red/Polka-Dots (Body)
  4. Yellow (Shoes)

We like to start our countdown with a letter from Mickey Mouse!  We also have a small gift come once a week.  We usually give Lil’ Man items like Disney themed coloring books and crayons that he can use on the plane flight.  What do you do to make your family’s countdown special?  Share in the comments below.  Thanks for stopping by!

Update 21 February 2018:  Lil’ Man and I put together this short video for those of you who are visual learners!


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