DVC 101: A Husband and Wife’s Honest Look at the Disney Vacation Club

Happy Sunday all!  A little over a month ago my husband and I coauthored the post So, You Want to Join the Disney Vacation Club?  It’s since become one of the more popular posts on the blog.  We know that joining DVC is a huge decision and the long-term commitment (our contract is for 48 years) is not for everyone.  We watched tons of videos and read numerous blog posts regarding member experiences before we decided to join.  (I should also mention it was a dream of ours for almost 10 years!)

To follow-up on our previous post, we decided to put together a video to give you an honest introduction to the Disney Vacation Club.  We had a lot of fun making this video and we hope you find it informative, if not entertaining.

While there are those who would have you think that purchasing DVC membership is nothing but magical, we wanted to make sure that you understand the following:

  1. What purchasing a DVC membership actually gets you.
  2. That you purchase the amount of points that you can comfortably afford.
  3. That you have a choice between purchasing resale or direct from Disney.
  4. That this a longterm commitment with costs after the initial buy-in (e.g., annual dues)

In our own research we found that there were mainly two types of DVC members writing about the purchasing experience.

  1. The first are those who had no problem initially purchasing a large sum of points and then purchasing more when that amount was not enough.
  2. The second group were the DVC members who were happy to buy in at a smaller amount and really talk about the math behind their decision.

My husband and I are in the second group.  Would we love to have 300 points instead of 100?  Sure, but we fill fortunate enough to have been able to purchase what we did.  All too often, I see someone who is interested in joining ask on a DVC Facebook group, “How many points should I purchase?” I’m going to stop you there and tell you that only you can answer that question.  My husband and I recommend considering the following to help you find your answer:

  1. How often do you want to travel with DVC?
  2. Where do you want to stay (e.g., Grand Floridian costs more points than AKL)?
  3. When do you want to vacation?  Can you travel during the off-season or do you plan to be at a Disney resort during Christmas?  The amount of points needed to book a room vary depending on the time of year.
  4. What type of room do you need?  Are you okay with a deluxe studio or do you have a large family and need a 2 bedroom villa?
  5. How many points can you comfortably afford?  What will the annual dues be?  Use our DVC spreadsheet to help you answer these questions.    

We hope that our video and these questions help make coming to a decision a little easier for you.  Are you a DVC member who would like to share your experience with others?  Have any questions that haven’t been answered?  Leave a comment below and, as always, thanks for stopping by!Disney Vacation Club 101


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