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A Kiwi Crate Review from A Three-Year Subscriber

Happy Sunday all!  Lil’ Man and I set to work yesterday on filming a review of one of his favorite products.  He loves his Kiwi Crate monthly subscription box and he just got another six months of crates for Christmas.  Prior to subscribing a few years ago, I scoured the Internet for reviews.  All I could find were sponsored reviews where the individual received the item for free, and perhaps some monetary compensation, in return for his or her honest evaluation.  This was not what I was looking for.  I wanted to hear the opinion of someone who chose to purchase a subscription and had completed more than one crate. Kiwi Crate Review

Now that Lil’ Man has been enjoying these crates for several years, we thought we would share our opinions for those of you looking for an educational subscription box program.  You can head over to the website for more information, but there are now 5 lines of crates for ages 0-16+, with subscriptions starting at $19.95 per box.  Discounts are provided when you sign up for 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions and gift subscriptions are available.

This is one of our longer videos, so feel free to fast-forward as needed:

  • Introduction/Welcome 0:03
  • What is Kiwi Crate? 0:15
  • Lil’ Man’s Review 0:43
  • What’s in a Koala Crate? 1:15
  • Mom/Teacher Review 2:20
  • What’s in a Kiwi Crate? 4:40
  • Activity Speed Build 5:49
  • Lesson Demo 7:17
  • Wrap-Up/Conclusion 9:12
Kiwi Crate Art
Art Activity (not included in video)

4 February 2018:  If you decide to subscribe, Kiwi Crate is currently offering 30% off the first month for joining their newsletter.

Like our videos?  Enjoy learning through fun and adventure?  Subscribe to our channel today!  We have a lot planned for the upcoming spring.  Besides more episodes of Lil’ Man’s Lab, featuring STEAM activities, you can look forward to seeing footage of the upcoming Cherry Blossom festival here in Washington DC as well as a review of our first Disney Vacation Club stay at the Polynesian Village Resort.

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