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Lil’ Man’s Lab: DIY Valentine Heart Crayons

DIY Heart Crayons was one of the first posts I made to this blog. Lil’ Man and I have been making these crayons for the past four years to give to his friends on Valentine’s Day and it is one of our favorite traditions.  I was excited to share how we made these.  It’s a lot of fun, not to mention a great way to recycle broken crayons.  As a former teacher, I like to avoid treats in the form of food whenever possible, so that children with food allergies and medical conditions that require restricted diets (e.g, juvenile diabetes) don’t miss out.

In the year since I wrote the DIY Heart Crayons post, it has only been viewed 10 times.  OUCH!

Let’s try a different approach!

DIY Valentine Heart Crayons

Lil’ Man and I decided we would put together a short video tutorial in this latest installment of Lil’ Man’s Lab.  My husband encouraged me to make video tutorials when I first started this blog, but I cringe at the sound of my voice on camera.  Luckily for me, Lil’ Man was more than happy to step in and fill the role of teacher.  If you and your little ones are interested in making these crayons, watch our quick 2:45 tutorial below.  As always, Lil’ Man teaches you a bit of science in the process!

Note:  If you are having difficulty removing any crayon wrappers, you can try one of two methods.

  1. Kid-Friendly:  Soak the crayons in warm water with a little dish soap.
  2. Adults Only:  Use an X-Acto knife and cut down the center of the wrapper.

These crayons make for great party favors too!  You can use any silicone mold you would like to.  Know that even after running the silicone mold through the dishwasher, you will still have some crayon residue present.  DON’T use your favorite mold for baking in this project.

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Prefer written instructions?  Check out my original post:  DIY Heart Crayons

DIY Heart Crayons

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