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Family-Friendly Eats Around DC: Weekend Brunch Buffet at Founding Farmers

Location:  1800 Tysons Blvd. Tysons, VA 22102 (about 15 miles East of Washington D.C.)

Public Transportation:  Accessible by Metro Silver Line, located 0.2 miles from the Tysons Corner Metro Station.

Fare:  Farm-to-Table Comfort Food

Cost:  $32 per person, $16 for children ages 7-12, and free for children 6 and under

Allergy-Friendly:  They do state on the placards some allergens (i.e., nuts) that are present in the dish, but I would call in advance to see if they can accommodate your specific food allergy.

Kid-Friendly:  Yes

Reservations:  Recommended (wait may be long for walk-ins)

Know that this buffet is only offered on the weekends at the Tyson’s location.  You can find more information and locations at

Note:  I follow the Low FODMAP diet to treat my SIBO and can occasionally include small amounts of foods that are not low in FODMAPS.  I avoid lactose and gluten whenever possible, but I do allow myself a cheat day every now and then.

The Meal

You’ll find more than enough to eat here, and if you are anything like me, this meal will leave you full for the rest of the day.  Drip coffee and an assortment of teas are included in the price of the meal. Other beverages, such as juice, will incur a separate charge.  Once your server takes your drink order, you can head to the buffet in the Sun Tea Room located towards the front of the restaurant.

The right side of the buffet offers dishes containing pork while the left side offers pork-free options like chicken sausage.  The buffet offers much of your standard American breakfast fare, like pancakes and eggs, but you’ll also find an assortment of fresh salads, fried chicken, and cedar plank salmon as well as other non-traditional American breakfast foods (see video).

I must confess, I didn’t know what real bacon looked like until Founding Farmers.  If your idea of bacon is a thin, greasy strip of pork, than you have not had real bacon!  If you are a fan of meats, then you’ll love the Butcher’s Table.  I normally don’t eat a lot of meat, but I did enjoy a couple of slices of the thick juicy bacon, some cedar plank salmon and pot roast.  I liked the Farmer’s Salad which was tossed with almonds and a lightly sweetened vinaigrette.   The hearth vegetables were cooked until tender, but not soggy, and were also lightly sweetened.  My cheat of the day was to have some of the buttermilk and blueberry pancakes which I topped off with a little pure maple syrup.

I may be low on my WordPress media storage, but this picture of Lollipop Bacon in the sun was too pretty not to post!

The boys enjoyed much of the same fare as me as well as some of the items brought out by the server.  My husband had the Eggs Benedict.  Even though he does not usually like a runny egg yolk, he savored this dish and ate every last bite.  Lil’ Man, who will not eat my shrimp scampi, loved the fried shrimp (see video).  We all tried the bacon lollipop.  It was a little too sweet for my husband and me, but Lil’ Man enjoyed it.  The boys each had an item from the dessert bar.  It was extremely difficult, but I opted out of dessert even though it all looked delicious (I try not to go overboard when I do cheat on my restricted diet).  The Dessert Studio is beautiful (see video) with a plethora of delicious goodies to choose from.

Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedict

What Lil’ Man Says:  He loves the bacon, macaroni and cheese, and fresh fruit!  He says, “The whole family will love the dessert area, but don’t force your kids to eat something they don’t want to.  That’s not allowed.  Let them eat what they [kids] want to.  In the normal area [the buffet] there is lots of fruit, chocolate butter, and caramel butter.  I think the caramel butter is good.”  He recommends trying each butter to see which one you like best.

Conclusion:  If you are willing to travel a little ways outside of Washington D.C., then you are in for a treat.  This brunch buffet, full of wholesome fresh foods, will easily take the place of two meals and leave your and your little ones’ tummies satisfied for the day.  It can be difficult to find healthy dining options in the midst of all the tourist attractions of Washington DC, but if you are looking for something other than hotdogs and pizza, then Founding Farmers is a great option.  If you aren’t looking to leave DC, then you can head over to the DC Founding Farmers location for their offerings, but be sure to book a table ahead of time (I have never been able to find a same day reservation at this location).

DC Family-Friendly Eats_Founding Farmers

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