DIY Secret Message Minecraft Valentine’s Day Card

With just a month to go until Valentine’s Day, Lil’ Man and I have been devising some fun projects for the upcoming holiday.  For this one, we combined his love of Minecraft, (specifically Stampy Cat), with a little science to create a special Valentine’s Day card.  DIY

If you are looking to be extra secretive with your Valentine, then this project is for you.  With a little bit of science, and a few household items, you can write a message with invisible ink for only your Valentine to see!

For this crafty science experiment, you will need to download and print Lil’ Man’s Minecraft cat skin card template.


Since this is science, we opted to test out two methods to see which one works better.  Both techniques use lemon juice as the invisible ink.  The first method relies on an iodine-water solution while the second uses heat to reveal the secret message.  Both of these methods should be used under the supervision of an adult.  Note:  Iodine tincture is poisonous if ingested.

Which method will work better to reveal Lil’ Man’s secret message, iodine or heat?  Watch his video tutorial to find out and then try this experiment yourself!


  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paintbrush
  • 4- 8.5 x 11″ cardstock (1 orange, 1 white, 1 light brown, and 1 any color of your choosing)
  • Minecraft Cat Skin Card Template
  • 1 lemon (The juice will serve as the invisible ink.)
  • Iodine Tincture
  • Iron or Hair Dryer
  • Water
  • Small Bowls
  • PrinterKitty Quote_

Which method worked better for you?  Have you tried other invisible ink solutions like baking soda and water?  Let us know in the comments below.  Thanks for stopping by!


Invisible Ink Reveals Cool Chemistry by Lindsey E. Murphy at Scientific American

200 Gooey, Slippery, Slimy, Weird & Fun Experiments by Janice VanCleave

Minecraft Font by JD Graphics

Minecraft Cat Skin Card Template by M. de Freitas

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