Lil Man’s Lab: DIY Bath Bombs

Happy New Year!  To start off 2018, I thought I would share another one of Lil Man’s tutorial videos.

The little guy is addicted to bath bombs and it is not a cheap habit.  If you go to a specialty store like Lush or Basin, you’ll probably pay anywhere from $5 to $10 for just one bath bomb.  That is one expensive bath!  I figured there had to be an inexpensive way to make these ourselves, so I started doing some research.

diy bath bombs
Bath bombs are so easy to make that even your five-year-old can do it!

I looked at several online recipes and liked this one from Popular Science the best.  I made a few minor changes with ingredient choices as I wanted to make sure these bath bombs were as safe as possible for Lil Man.  I decided to use the KidSafe essential oils from Plant Therapy.  This is not required for the recipe, but make sure you read the label on your essential oil to make sure it is safe to use on skin.

As for the dye, I went with a soap making dye.  I have never had good luck with the natural dyes in my baking, so I decided not to use it here.  I use 2-3 drops of dye to produce about 8 bath bombs, which is then further diluted in water when used.  If you or your child have a sensitivity to synthetic dyes, then I recommend carefully researching natural alternatives.  Some soap colorants, like mica, require the addition of chemicals like polysorbate 80.

The Science:  Why do bath bombs fizz?  When citric acid and baking soda are combined with water, they react to create carbon dioxide gas.  This is about as much chemistry as my five-year-old is going to understand.  If you have older children, then you can discuss concepts such as pH and endothermic reactions.  You’ll also want to make sure to use the term sodium bicarbonate in place of baking soda with older children.


Note:  Do NOT use regular glitter.  Biodegradable glitter is safe for any aquatic critters that might come in contact with your sewage.


  • Large Mixing Bowl
  • Measuring Spoons
  • Measuring Cups
  • Whisk
  • Cookie Cutters and/or Silicone Molds

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