Painting Disney MagicBands 2.0

It dawned on me that I never updated my original post on painting Disney MagicBands.  For our most recent trip in August, I followed my original process, but I used varnish instead of clear nail polish to seal the design.Painting

Verdict:  While not perfect, the varnish worked much better than the nail polish.  By the end of our week-long trip, the adults’ MagicBands were still in good shape whereas the bands belonging to the five-year-old did not fair so well.

Poor BB-8 and R2-D2 ended up a bit battle-worn after a week of Disney.  Lil’ Man was constantly taking off his bands and bending the straps which I believe cracked the paint over time.  He also constantly bumped his band on objects which scraped the paint off of the R2-D2 band.

If you do choose to paint your MagicBands, then know it probably won’t survive the wear and tear from a little one.  Otherwise, using varnish to seal the paint works quite well.

Update 1/24/18:  I recently painted an old backpack for our upcoming trip this spring.  Below is a video of the process which is somewhat similar to how I go about painting MagicBands.  Let me know in the comments below if you would like to see a video made for MagicBand painting.


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