Holiday Writing Contest

Brrr…it’s cold outside and snow is on it’s way to Virginia.  It’s perfect weather for staying indoors, reading a good book, or (in my case) writing.

Since I’ve decided to hide away from the harsh weather by staying snug and warm indoors, I thought I would take the opportunity to try Susanna Leonard Hill’s Annual Holiday Contest.  This year’s theme is a holiday surprise.  The rules are fairly straight forward.

  • You can write about any holiday you celebrate
  • The story is not to exceed 250 words (not counting title)

Even if you aren’t entering the contest, I encourage you to visit the link above and take a look at some of the wonderful stories that have been submitted.  If you are participating, then I wish you the best of luck!  Leave me a comment below to let me know what you think!

Now, I would like to introduce you to Penelope Violet.

Penelope Violet’s Christmas Surprise

Penelope Violet could barely contain her excitement.  It was Christmas Eve and Santa would soon be here.

“Penelope Violet,” called her father, “come help me get Santa’s milk and cookies ready.”

“But Papa, everyone gives Santa cookies.  I want to give him something special.”

“What would you like to make for him?”

“A PB and cheese with provolone please.”

“Now Penelope, most people prefer to have jelly with their peanut butter.  I don’t think Santa will like a PB and cheese.”

“Oh no, Papa.  He’ll love it!” Penelope Violet squealed with excitement, “I bet it’s his favorite!”

That night, Penelope Violet dashed off to bed and fell fast asleep.


Penelope Violet jumped out of bed, “It’s Santa!”

She dashed down the stairs, but to her surprise, there was no Santa.  Instead, there stood a reindeer with a nose so bright it illuminated the entire room in a warm red glow.  Before she could stop herself, Penelope Violet shouted, “Rudolph is eating my PB and cheese!”

Rudolph glanced up at her for a moment and then went back to eating the rest of the sandwich.

“My apologies, Miss Penelope Violet,” said a large booming voice, “Ol’ Rudolph here smelled your delicious sandwich and couldn’t help himself.  Would you mind making another for me?  PB and cheese is my favorite!”

Penelope Violet smiled.  She couldn’t wait to tell her father in the morning that she had been right.  PB and cheese is Santa’s favorite too!

17 thoughts on “Holiday Writing Contest”

  1. I had to laugh…the first sandwich my daughter made for herself was a PB, jelly, and Am.cheese. She ate about half and said her tummy hurt a little. Then she asked if she have to eat the rest 🙂
    She grew up to become a chef!

    I love Penelope Violet and her story. Wonderful surprise and so nice that Rudolph had a snack as well. Poor reindeer work hard too!
    Good job!
    best of luck


    1. I just read your story. I would love to be in Florida for Christmas! I love the ending, btw. I have a hard time not writing too much as well. I had to edit quite a bit of my story and would have loved to develop more of a story arc.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hahaha! Very cute. You be true to you, Penelope Violet! And this line made me laugh: “Rudolph glanced up at her for a moment and then went back to eating the rest of the sandwich.” I could totally visualize that “yeah, not stopping” look, LOL. Nice work!


  3. Well, you had me at Penelope Violet! What a great name! Just makes you want to get to know that character! And the fact that she loves PB and provolone is just perfect! Thanks for a delightful story with a great surprise – who knew Santa preferred PB and cheese to milk and cookies?! 🙂


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