Entering the World of Self-Publishing: Buzz Finds his Voice

Besides encouraging me to start this blog, my husband has been urging me to give writing children’s stories a go for awhile now.  When he recently mentioned the idea again, I took it as a challenge.

I’ve had several ideas bouncing around in my head for the last few years, but life had us so busy that I never felt like I had the time to commit to writing and illustrating a children’s book.  Now that Lil’ Man is in school for almost 7 hours a day, being a busy mom was no longer a valid excuse.  It was time to take a leap of faith.

So far, the process has been fairly painless.  Companies like Amazon, Apple, and Barnes and Noble have made publishing easily accessible by cutting out the middleman (publishers).  I’ve also had no upfront costs with the exception of the few art supplies I picked up in order to complete the project. (Lil’ Man’s bucket of broken crayons just wasn’t going to cut it.) After I submitted my manuscript, both the e-book and paperback were listed in the Amazon marketplace in less than 24 hours.

Buzz Finds his Voice

To be honest, most of the ideas I’ve had rattling around in my head are silly and light-hearted in nature, but with Lil’ Man having endured some teasing at the start of this school year because of his smaller than average size, I decided to address the more serious topics of bullying and self-esteem in my first book.  Why a guinea pig for my main character?  Much like Lil’ Man, my guinea pig Buzz was a sweet-natured soul with a lot of love to give.  Besides sharing characteristics similar to my son, I always imagined writing a book in which my guinea pigs were the characters.  Thus, Buzz Finds his Voice was born.


If you are looking for a book that addresses bullying and, more importantly, has a happy ending, then please check out Buzz Finds a Voice.  It is available to download under the Kindle Unlimited program.  I’m also running a 24- hour free book promo on Sunday, October 15, 2017.  After that, the e-book will be available for purchase for $1.99.

You can visit my newly launched Amazon Author Central page here.


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