An Inexpensive Father’s Day DIY: Ford Model-A Footprint Painting

My Month-Long Absence

It seems like it has been an eternity since I last wrote.  We have been incredibly busy since mid-May with my husband’s graduation in Pittsburgh, hosting his family, preschool graduation and celebrating Lil’ Man’s fifth birthday in early June.  I had fully intended to post during this time, but we’ve been hit with some bad luck in our house.

We have three senior kitties and two of them decided to fall ill back in May.  Rocky, who was 19 pounds when Lil’ Man was born five years ago, is currently weighing just a little over 12 pounds.  After ruling out the usual culprits, I had to take him to internal medicine where we forked over quite a bit of money for a kitty endoscopy.  The good news is that he doesn’t have cancer.  The bad news is that we paid a lot of money to find out that he essentially has a tummy ache or what the vet called “mild inflammation of the small intestine”.


Our Angel was diagnosed with large cell gastric lymphoma in the summer of 2014 when she was 10.  Being the little warrior that she is, she took on the chemo like a champ and went into full remission a lot longer than she should have with such an aggressive form of cancer.  The vet suspects that it has returned, so we have upped her steroid and are administering an oral chemo once every other week.  She has gained back one of the three pounds she lost and is currently digging into breakfast as I write.  We thought she was going out of remission just before our last Disney trip in 2015, so I’m hoping this is just her way of messing with us before going on vacation.

Father’s Day Craft

Given that we have spent quite a bit on the cats’ “concierge medicine” in the last month and that they both have follow-up appointments in the coming weeks, I have been heavily budgeting our spending.  Lucky for me, my father is the type of person who would rather receive some sentimental “scribbles” on a piece of paper from his grandson for Father’s Day than a store-bought gift.

For this craft, I decided to take the footprint car painting idea and adapt it to fit my father’s interests.  My dad has spent the last few years restoring an old Ford Model A, so I did my best to create our artwork around the one pixelated video my brother sent me of my dad driving it (I’ve only ever seen the vehicle in pieces).  This is a very simple and inexpensive craft to complete.  I like to purchase the blank canvases when Michaels runs the 60-70% off deals and keep some in the house for projects.  I already had all the materials for this project.



  1. Lay out your newspaper on the floor and place your canvas on top.  Have your child sit next to the canvas and apply desired paint color to his/her foot.  For the Model A, I chose to paint Lil Man’s toes silver for the grill.  If you choose to make something like a race car, then you will want to make your child’s toes the back of the vehicle.painted foot
  2. Quickly place your child’s painted foot on the canvas and press down firmly.  Be sure to press down each of the toes to make sure they leave their mark.
  3. Lift your child’s foot and wipe clean with baby wipes.  I recommend washing any residual paint off with soap and water while waiting for the footprint to dry.
  4. After your child’s footprint has dried, sketch out your car design with your pencil.  If desired, you can use the black pen to outline your sketch.model a footrpint outline
  5. Paint your car the desired colors and allow to dry.  Once dry, apply painters tape to the painting and cover the vehicle.
  6. For the background, mix some acrylic paint with water (you’ll need to experiment until you have the desired color) in a spray bottle.  I upcycled a hair spray bottle rather than purchasing one for this project.  If you need to purchase one, I recommend picking it up at a dollar store.
  7. With the canvas on your newspaper, allow your child to “spray paint” the background applying as much or as little paint as he/she would like.
  8. Remove the painters tape and allow your painting to dry.  If any paint bleeds through, you can easily wipe it off with a paper towel or a baby wipe.  Once the painting is dry, you can use your black pen to add your child’s name, age and date to the painting.

Father's DAY DIY Footprint Model A_edited-1


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