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What We Are Reading: A Book Review of Animal Babies (The World of Eric Carle)

Author:  Susan Rich Brooke

Narrator:  Michaela Emma Brooke

Illustrator:  Eric Carle (The World of Eric Carle)

Board Book:  19 pages

Publisher:  Phoenix International Publications, Inc.

ISBN-13:  978-1450867740

What Teacher-Librarian Me Thinks:  Animal Babies is a part of The World of Eric Carle Series. The text of the book is simple and contains a pleasing rhyme scheme for readers. There is no story to follow.  Rather, the text works to support Carle’s colorful illustrations on each page making this a great read aloud for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. Children will enjoy pressing the 10 sound buttons that feature the spoken name of the animal and it’s associated vocals.  This book is great for beginning readers as they can use context clues and sight words to help them decode the text.

What Mom Me Thinks:  I admit I cringed when Lil’ Man picked a book with sounds to review.  Like any kid, he has a tendency to press the buttons over and over until you just can’t take it anymore.  However, he was very reserved in his button pressing this time and only pressed each once at the appropriate time.  The text is mostly comprised of sight words and cvc words, so it is simple enough that I can have Lil’ Man practice reading with minimal assistance.  This is also a great choice for when you are looking for something quick to read.

What Lil’ Man Thinks:  As always, he says this book is “great.”  He enjoys the “cute sounds” that come from pressing the buttons.  Since he is currently determined to become a zookeeper when he grows up, he likes that the book is about animals.  He also likes that the narrator tells him the name of each baby animal (e.g., “fox kit”) so that mom doesn’t make him sound out those words.

Disclaimer:  The above book link is an affiliate link.  As always, I recommend heading over to your local library to check out the book.  However, if you love the book and want to support this blog, I do earn a small commission from your purchase when you use the above link.

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