Pom Pom Painted Hearts


It recently came to my attention that we have no Valentine’s Day decorations in this house.  I have tubs upon tubs of Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween decorations.  I even have a handful of knick knacks to put around the house for Easter and 4th of July.  You’d think that during one of our six moves that I would have noticed the lack of decorations for this particular holiday.  Well, leave it to a four year old to point out that our house is grossly lacking the Valentine’s Day spirit.  I’m not exactly looking to add more bulky items to pack away since 1) we have no storage space in this house and 2) it is just more things to pack for our next move in 2.5 years.  To remedy my gross oversight, I picked up a pack of cheap heart doilies and decided to let Lil’ Man give pom pom painting a try.  It ended up entertaining him enough that he asked to paint all of the doilies in the pack.


  • Doilies or Cardstock:  I chose heart-shaped doilies for this project.  You could also print and cut out hearts from this file.
  • Clothespins
  • Small pom poms:  I found my pack in the dollar section at Target, but you can find them at any craft store or Walmart.
  • Newspaper or other material to protect your table surface
  • Paint:  I used acrylic, but you may want to use washable paints with your little ones
  • Apron, Smock or an Old T-Shirt
  • Paint Tray


  1. Gather all of your materials and cover the table top with newspaper to protect it from paint.
  2. Place a pom pom in each clothespin (my son requested one for each paint color despite the fact that he was going to mix the colors anyway).  Pour paint colors in th tray.
  3. Make sure your child is wearing something to protect their clothing, especially if you are using paint that isn’t washable.
  4. Demonstrate how to dab the pom pom in the paint and lightly touch it to the doilies (too hard and the paint might bleed).
  5. Set the doilies aside to dry.

I chose to make a garland from our heart doilies, but these would also work well for making Valentine’s Day cards.  Lil’ Man and I glued the doilies onto circles we cut from cardstock.  We had some twine on hand, so I hole punched the top of each circle and ran the twine through.


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