Hello world!  I realize it has been quite sometime since I last updated this page as I took some time off this summer due to an illness.  While I am still on the path to healing, I’m now feeling much better and happy to have returned to writing.

First of all, I want to thank all of you who have been stopping by.  I never imagined that people from all around the globe would be coming to my little blog.  With Lil’ Man in school full-time, my upcoming posts will focus on activities that support his learning in the classroom as well as holiday themed projects.

Thanks again for stopping by!





Children’s Books

I’m a stay-at-home educator who loves to go on adventures with my preschool aged son.  Follow us as we explore our new home of Washington D.C. and learn through engaging (somewhat messy) hands-on activities.  There is plenty to learn about here!


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Hi, I’m Michelle!

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